American Airlines flight attendant was caught on video yelling at a mother and her child for waking the flight attendant up during takeoff delay. The video was posted on YouTube, and it has since spread across the Internet and has gone viral, gaining attention from a number of different media outlets. Here is the video.

Last week, an American Airlines flight attendant scolded a passenger for putting his feet on the seat in front of him. The passenger videoed the incident, which lasted five minutes, and posted it on YouTube. The video has been seen by millions, and split opinion. Many people have said that the attendant was rude and disrespectful, while others have expressed sympathy for the passenger and think he was in the right.

Passengers boarding American Airlines Flight 922 from New York to Charlotte were left stunned last week when a flight attendant began berating passengers at the gate. The flight attendant was apparently irked by a passenger who complained about a delay and refused to move to the back of the plane. The attendant’s angry yelling caused many to start looking at their phones, and when the plane took off, she then went ahead and berated American Airlines staff on the flight. “How many times do you want to hear the same message?” she asked the flight attendants. “I want the plane to land. You guys are messing up my flight. Get off the plane. Get off the plane. You’re not allowed to be on the plane. Get

Call it the Revenge of the Flight Attendant.

An American Airlines crew member was captured on a viral video actually saying what most of his peers were likely thinking over the last year as passengers have become more and more unruly.


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American Airlines Flight Attendant Scolds Passengers

Tired of some passengers complaining and verbally abusing fellow flight attendants during a weather delay, the crew member took to the public address system and berated passengers.

“Just like you, we have not eaten also,” the male flight attendant is heard telling the passengers as the plane sits on the tarmac at the Raleigh-Durham airport. The flight from Los Angeles to Charlotte was diverted because of bad weather. “We’ve catered to you the entire flight. We do it because we love this job. “But the fact that we get insulted and mistreated by passengers over things we cannot control is disgusting.”

In the Tik-Tok video taken by passenger Brent Underwood, which now has more than 1.2 million views, a 22-year-old man on the Monday flight calls a female flight attendant “a fat gorilla” and also hurled obscenities at her after she told him to wear a face mask.

“There was absolutely no excuse for it,” Underwood said. “It doesn’t matter what you look like. Everybody deserves respect. And everybody deserves to be punished equally for being a rude person like that. Why would you call a person a fat gorilla?”

Passengers were frustrated that the flight sat at Raleigh-Durham for three hours. While sitting in Raleigh, only water and cookies were available onboard, Underwood said, adding that the flight had two male and three female attendants.

“We’re just trying to go to Charlotte,” the flight attendant adds over the public address system. “But shame on the passengers that have made this flight a living hell for the flight attendants.”

His comments were met by applause in the cabin.

“Flight attendants on @officialamericanairways are done with your b.s.!” Underwood wrote on TikTok with the hashtags #AmericanAirlines, #facemask and #dumbcustomers.

“The flight crew did absolutely nothing wrong,” he told the Charlotte Observer. “They were more professional than I would have been.”

American later defended the flight attendants in a statement.

“We take the health and safety of our customers seriously, and our crew members work hard to uphold the federal mask mandate that remains in effect on aircraft and in airports. We value the trust our customers’ place in our team to care for them throughout their journey, and we expect those who choose to fly with us to treat each other — and our team members — with respect,” AA said.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do airlines handle angry passengers?

Airlines have a number of ways to handle angry passengers. Some airlines will ask the passenger to leave the plane, while others will offer them a refund or change their flight.

Do flight attendants hook up with passengers?

No, flight attendants are not allowed to date passengers.

How do I report a rude flight attendant?

If you feel that a flight attendant has been rude to you, please contact the airline directly.

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