The Greek government has recently introduced a new law that requires nightclubs and bars to require a vaccination certificate for every customer that wishes to enter. If the nightclub or bar doesn’t have a vaccination certificate of its own, then they will send the customer to a public health clinic to obtain one.

Unless you’re a child, you’ve probably experienced the shock of seeing a sign on the door, or even on the ticket machine, which tells you that all admission to the building is now based on a vaccination or medical certificate.

Vaccination was introduced to Greece in 2005, to protect foreign residents against preventable diseases, but the law did not allow for exemptions for tourists. As of yesterday, this rule has changed. Visitors will now need to present a vaccination certificate to enter indoor venues. The measure is intended to protect visitors against infectious diseases such as measles and hepatitis, and of course, in particular, protects children.

Patrons of restaurants, cafés, bars, movies, theaters, and nightclubs must provide confirmation of vaccination or evidence of recent recovery from COVID-19 in order to enter indoor venues such as restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas, theaters, and nightclubs. Children under the age of 12 may attend indoor businesses with evidence of a negative test if they aren’t yet eligible for the vaccination.

The new restrictions, which have been in place since July 16, are intended to combat the newest COVID-19 outbreak in the area, which is being blamed on the ultra-contagious Delta strain that is now sweeping Europe.


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Greece Now Requires Vaccination Proof To Enter Indoor Venues

The new restrictions seem to have had little immediate effect on residents and tourists, who prefer to relocate items outside during Greece’s hot, dry summers. In addition, everyone has access to sidewalk cafés, restaurants with outdoor seating, and open-air theaters.

According to Travel Awaits, the new regulation also stipulates that only seated customers are permitted in restaurants and bars, thus prohibiting any dancing or lingering in the bar area. Even guests at Greece’s outdoor clubs and music events must be completely vaccinated or just recovered, capacity is limited at 85 percent, and everyone must be seated, according to AP News.

Indoor venues will be monitored by health authorities to ensure compliance, and companies that fail to follow the rules will face stiff fines.

A first violation is punishable by a one-week closure and a fine ranging from €200 to €500 (about $235 to $600), depending on the size of the venue. A second violation carries a penalty of €10,000 (about $11,800) and 15 days of forced closure. The business’s license would be suspended for 60 days if it committed a third violation.


Greece’s new restrictions follow France’s announcement last week that only those who have been vaccinated would be allowed to access indoor public facilities such as restaurants, shopping malls, and theaters, or board a train or aircraft.

The Greek government has developed an app called ‘COVID FREE GR’ that can scan visitors’ E.U. Digital Vaccination Certificates and bring up evidence of vaccination or test results on demand, which will be made accessible to local businesses. Because the US government will not support an uniform so-called “vaccine passport,” American travelers would most likely need to show their vaccine credentials in hard copy (e.g., a vaccination card issued by the CDC) or through a digital records platform.

Greece welcomed international tourists on May 14 and continues to welcome Americans. To enter the country, all visitors above the age of 12 must either provide evidence of vaccination or enter without the need for pre-travel testing. Travelers may also submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test performed within 72 hours of their arrival in Greece or a negative antigen test taken within 48 hours of their arrival in Greece.

In an effort to prevent the spread of disease, the Greek government has recently made a decision to remove the “entrance with vaccination proof” from their list of rules. This decision was made after the recent outbreak of measles in Greece and the death of an infant after the baby contracted the disease. However, the decision has not been universally accepted, as some parents have already started to boycott the country.. Read more about canary islands vaccine passport and let us know what you think.

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