According to a new survey, 75% of Americans would rather consult a travel advisor over a computer when planning a trip. The survey, conducted by MasterCard Advisors, found that 62% of survey participants said they would prefer to speak to a travel advisor, while only 38% would use a computer to get answers to their travel questions.

In a survey commissioned by TripAdvisor, a travel advice app helps people save money by eating out and helps them save time by getting recommendations from those who have been to the same destination.

75% of Americans Would Choose Travel Advisors Over Computers, Survey Finds. Read more about travel agent and let us know what you think.

According to the findings of a new national survey, nearly three out of four Americans would rather work with a live, breathing human being than use a computer to access travel information that isn’t available online (75 percent), discover new travel recommendations (71 percent), or request a flight upgrade or hotel welcome amenity (73 percent).

When looking for travel discounts (57 percent) or access to special events and experiences, the majority of respondents indicated they’d rather talk to a real person (65 percent).


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75% of Americans Would Choose Travel Advisors Over Computers, Survey Finds

Other intriguing discoveries emerged when the data were broken down by demographic:

— Sixty-six percent of Gen Z respondents had never booked a vacation with a travel adviser before. In the aftermath of the epidemic, however, 52 percent said they would consider booking via a travel adviser in the future, and 45 percent said they are now “likely or very likely” to book their next trip through a travel advisor.

— Of the Millennials polled, 49 percent said they’ve never booked with a travel adviser, but 50 percent said they’d consider doing so in the future, and 39 percent said they’re “likely or very likely” to book their next trip via a travel advisor.

— Only 39% of Gen X respondents indicated they had never booked with a travel adviser before, while another 39% said they would consider booking with one in the future. Following the epidemic, 38% of those surveyed said they are “likely or very likely” to plan their next trip with the help of a travel adviser.

— Only 22% of Baby Boomers indicated they’ve never booked a trip via a travel agent before.

“Many anticipate younger generations, particularly the digitally native Gen Z, will prefer to plan vacations themselves online,” said J.D. O’Hara, CEO of Internova Travel Group, which commissioned the research. “However, given these very diverse travel periods, we are seeing an increasing number of individuals seeking the advice of a travel adviser.”

“Throughout the epidemic, travel advisers have been unsung heroes, saving the day for their clients, giving assistance to critical employees, and reconnecting families all across the globe,” O’Hara said.

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