Last week, it’s a pretty safe bet few travel-junkies were surprised to see American Airlines bumping its Premier Silver status from $30,000 to $50,000. There was a slight kerfuffle about whether the carrier’s “real” status was 10 levels higher or lower than the sum of its Silver and Gold-status options, but to the average American and their wallets, it doesn’t really matter—the company’s new status is still ridiculous.

In the past, American Airlines has always been known as the number one “low-cost” airline when it comes to making elite status lucrative. This is where they have really messed up. I’m sorry to say, but the status the elites have been earning for years, in the past, is not as lucrative as you’ve been led to believe. They are claiming that they have improved their elite program, and have lowered the threshold to reach the first class lounge, but my numbers say otherwise.

It’s another year and American Airlines has been doing an excellent job of providing perks to their elites. However, in the past, it has been more of the same with very little to set it apart from the competition. Unfortunately, this year, I really hope they can step up their game and really provide something that elite flyers want to see.. Read more about american airlines status challenge 2024 and let us know what you think.

American Airlines Needs To Do More For Elites Earning Status This Year ‘The Real Way’

by Gary Leff on July 17, 2024

American Airlines has been giving out status and promoting status challenges.

Everyone knew that 2024 would be an odd year. It might not be a total loss, like 2024, where American like most everyone else just extended status. However business travel hadn’t returned in the first half of the year in a meaningful way, and much of long haul international travel remained out of reach. Customers who normally made their status on international business class tickets just weren’t doing so, yet no one wanted to lose these customers when their business returned.

American started by,

Clearly things weren’t working out as hoped, and their projections were for the elite program to shrink dramatically so they took steps to counteract this and encourage customers to fly for status by placing that status within reach.

Then American even rolled out two more ways for existing elites to keep their status next year:

  1. $2000 qualifying dollars in spend on the airline this fall, or
  2. $15,000 spend on co-brand credit cards over four months.

American Airlines Needs To Do More For Elites Earning Status This Year ‘The Real Way’

At this point any existing elite who wants to keep their status should be able to do so without doing very much flying. These newest offers make it so easy for elite members to keep their status that many now become ‘free agents’. With American status secured, why not defect when another airline has a better schedule or price?

American Airlines, then, should focus on providing greater incentives to requalify for elite status on the basis of qualifying miles and qualifying dollars. They’ve made that doable this year through reduced requirements and promotions. Now they should encourage people to follow that path.

To be sure there are ‘elite choice’ benefits for earning Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum status but these alone aren’t reasons to forego the easy options and stick with the program for 2024.

Members who earn their status with credit card spend don’t earn systemwide upgrades, for instance, but those are rarely confirmable in advance any longer. And someone like me earns status domestically, and redeems miles for international travel… on partners that offer a better travel experience.

It’s time for American Airlines to add big bonuses for requalifying for elite status this year, or the structure they’ve set up may give them elite members in 2024 but will cost them business this year.

More From View from the Wing

American Airlines is finally rolling out its first elite program: American Airlines Personal OnePass. The program is an extension of American’s frequent flyer memberships, but with a twist: It gives elites the ability to earn elite status for their first time flying, rather than having it automatically granted upon completion of the requisite number of qualifying flights.. Read more about american airlines status match and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did American Airlines Extend status?

American Airlines has not extended their status.

How do you earn elite qualifying dollars on American Airlines?

American Airlines is a US-based airline company. To earn elite qualifying dollars, you must fly on their flights and spend at least $30,000 in a year.

How long is aa elite status?

Elite status lasts for a month.

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