On CNN’s “State of the Union,” last night, President Trump spoke to his old friend, Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. In that interview, Scarborough asked Trump if he could put a button on the seat in the Oval Office so that the President could watch a “second television” while in the office.

Travel is a great way to see the world. However, more people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that airplanes are not the safest way to travel. While every now and then there are high-profile incidents, such as the recent American Airlines 737 incident that happened recently, the truth is that it has been happening for years.

The American government has been attempting to make air travel safer since the days of the Wright Brothers. The latest rulings from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) on how seat back video screens should be used are among the most important changes to this. United Airlines and others have been making changes to the rules, and it is up to you, the customer, to decide whether it is acceptable or not.

American’s President Was Asked About Lack Of Seat Back Video. Here’s What He Said.


The President of the United States was questioned on the lack of seat back video. Here’s what he had to say.

on July 22, 2024 by Gary Leff

During the question and answer part of American Airlines’ earnings conference on Thursday, Wall Street Journal reporter Alison Sider inquired about the airline’s decision to remove seat back entertainment displays from domestic flights, and if the company had any regrets.

Despite not having separate business class lounges or a lucrative frequent flyer program, Delta Air Lines is regarded the most premium of the major US airlines. They spent a lot of money on seat back entertainment, using newer, less expensive technology to transmit material to each seat rather than hardwiring the aircraft.

United Airlines said last month that it will upgrade its domestic aircraft to include screens in every seat. As a result, American Airlines will be the only one of the three major US airlines that does not have displays on its domestic aircraft.

As part of the installation of their new domestic ‘Oasis’ interior, American has actively removed screens, even from planes that had them, cramming more seats into planes, reducing the number of extra legroom seats, reducing padding at each seat, while also offering high-speed internet and larger overhead bins.

Robert Isom, the airline’s president, dodged the question about regrets, saying instead that he “wish[es] to focus on what we’ve got,” which is already acquiring new planes, while others are “talking” about what they “might do” (referring to United’s June order of 270 new planes, the first of which has already been delivered).

Isom provides,

  • They were the first to provide high-speed wifi (though I don’t believe that’s a fair comparison, since Delta discovered Gogo’s 2Ku technology wasn’t as reliable as anticipated).
  • They’ll be “going back into live entertainment as well,” a move they made early in the epidemic as a cost-cutting measure, claiming there were no live sports, but which hasn’t yet been reinstated. According to an airline spokesman, “we don’t have a timeline” for when this will happen again.
  • Consumers don’t need seat back displays since “90% of customers carry their own gadgets,” which have better screens than chairs – but I’m not convinced a mobile phone is the same thing for many people.
  • and seatback entertainment is harmful for the environment, and removing them improves “sustainability” since aircraft without screens are lighter and use less fuel. He doesn’t say anything about how adding seats to planes increases weight and fuel burn (unless offset by fewer flights), and Airbus 321ceos are weight limited on many routes, so they’re hauling seats and burning fuel without transporting people.

Isom stated in the prepared comments portion of the call that in only a few months at American, they’ve brought back an operation the scale of the former US Airways, which may indicate his frame of reference.

If the United States is forced to rethink seatback entertainment, which was discussed before to the epidemic but eventually rejected, the argument that it is harmful for the environment becomes a difficult one to refute.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

Air Canada apologized to passengers yesterday after they were asked not to use their seats back video on their own phones while the plane was in flight. The decision to ban the feature came after a pilot asked passengers not to use their phones in an act of safety.. Read more about american airlines inside plane and let us know what you think.

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