RIU’s newest program, Reimagined Wedding Program, is a new way to plan and book your wedding. With the help of blockchain technology, you can make your special day even more special with unique experiences like never before.

Some wedding couples choose a modest private gathering, while others want to celebrate their love in style with a big epic celebration. However, one thing that all of your wedding couples agree on is that their wedding day is unique and should be handled as such.

The last thing you want to do is not have an excellent choice to give your destination wedding customers when they come through your agency doors or contact you on the phone with unequaled enthusiasm in their voices and lovestruck expressions on their faces.

With its newly revamped Wedding Collections by RIU program, RIU Hotels & Resorts has travel advisers covered for large, small, lavish, or simple weddings.

RIU has a lot of experience with weddings. Wedding planners at resorts throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America have seen these precious moments time and time again, and the business knows the value brides and grooms place on their ceremonies.

RIU has recently expanded its wedding collections to better suit the different brides and grooms in quest of spending their special day in paradise, with the aim of continuing to build these “happily ever after” memories with your customers.

It won’t take long for agents to see that RIU has a collection for every kind of customer when they go through the brochure.

The greatest things in life are free, including the lead-in choice. With a touch of mint-colored elements to set the mood for celebrating with a few family members or guests, the Free Collection offers everything couples need for an intimate celebration. The Classic Collection enables the couple to invite a few more of their closest friends and family members to the wedding.

The Caprice Collection’s wedding setting.

Help Your Clients Tie the Knot With RIU’s Reimagined Wedding Program
Source: pexels.com

Wedding couples may choose the Royal Collection to take things a step further and treat guests to a special supper reception following the ceremony. The peaceful seaside scene is enhanced by light pink accents. Your customers will be taken to the Caprice Collection by one more notch. Wedding parties enjoy the ceremony, a private meal, and a private drink event, with lavender hues complementing the tropical blue backdrop.

Some brides and grooms have been planning their wedding for more than a year and a half, and this long-awaited event demands the finest of the best. The Indulgence Collection is for those who want to go all out and have all of their wishes come true. This package covers a six-hour event that includes a private cocktail party after the ceremony and four hours of reception.

A wedding couple having fun on their big day. (RIU Hotels & Resorts picture)

RIU is providing a 10% discount on the collection of your choice for your customers and a 15% commission for you when booking the Royal, Caprice, and Indulgence Collections for a limited time.

For additional information, terms and conditions, visit www.weddingsbyriu.com or contact [email protected].

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