A week ago, the Dutch government slightly modified its travel policy to allow American citizens, including U.S. military service members, to travel to and from the Netherlands without a visa. Late last year, the Netherlands adopted a modified version of the Schengen agreement, which allows citizens from the 28 countries that are part of the agreement to freely move between the participating countries.

After a short hiatus, the Netherlands is finally allowing non-European Union citizens to travel to the country without a visa or proof of residence.

After 9 years of being closed, the Netherlands has decided to re-open their borders to US travelers. For years, the country has been closed to Americans due to a ban on flights to the country and a ban on all Dutch travelers using passports issued by the US. This has changed and a new deal has been made between the United States and Dutch government.

Today, the Netherlands has fully opened up to U.S. travelers, who can now enter the country without restrictions – no proof of vaccination, previous recovery period or negative test for COVID-19 is required.

As a result of increasing vaccination coverage and steadily declining infection rates, the United States has been classified as a safe or low-risk country for the transmission of COVID-19, which includes travel restrictions to the Netherlands.


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The Netherlands Reopens To US Travelers With No Restrictions

By this decision, the Netherlands Government joins the Member States which, on 18 December 2001, notified the Commission of their decision to initiate the procedure. The European Council adopted the recommendations published on 6 June, advising all EU Member States to open their borders to visitors from the United States once this country has been recognised as an epidemiologically safe third country.

Most restrictions are therefore no longer necessary, the Dutch government said that same day, reporting a sharp decline in the number of new infections in America and in the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19.

If you live in a safe country, you can go to Holland. The EU entry ban does not apply to you. It doesn’t matter what nationality you are or what you are travelling for. Countries not on the list of safe countries are considered high-risk areas, the Dutch government said, according to Schengen Visainfo News.

In addition to the United States, since 24 December 2009 the Netherlands has also lifted all entry restrictions for travellers from Albania, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Serbia and Taiwan. June withdrawn.

Foreign visitors from these safe third countries who arrive in the Netherlands by air only need to submit a completed health statement, which can be filled in digitally by some airlines at check-in.

The Points Guy reports that today’s policy change comes just before the fourth phase of the Dutch reopening, which is scheduled for the 26th. June is planned. On that day, the ban on the consumption and purchase of alcohol is lifted and all venues, including cinemas, concert halls, sports halls and restaurants, reopen.

Face masks will no longer be necessary in most situations except when using public transport, including airports, train stations and bus stations. The only health measure that appears to remain is the 1.5 metre spacing requirement, which was due to take effect in mid-August.The Netherlands has announced some of the harshest restrictions to U.S. citizens since the 9/11 attacks, by revoking the “lone wolf” status of seven US citizens, as well as the “lone wolf” status of any residents of Antalya, Turkey, who are traveling to the United States.. Read more about when will the netherlands reopen to american tourists and let us know what you think.

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