A woman who lit a cigarette aboard an airplane says she was beaten by police after flight attendants spiked her drink.

The flight attendant is a person that serves on board an aircraft or in the cabin of an aircraft. They are responsible for safety, service, and catering.

Passenger who smoked a cigarette in the air claims she was assaulted by police after flight attendants spiked her drink.

According to Russian and Turkish reports, a woman flying business class from Bodrum, Turkey to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport on August 3 lit a cigarette on board her flight, insulted police officers who took her into custody after landing, and claimed it was all the fault of the flight attendant – because she got drunk, which happened of course because the crewmember spiked her drink.

The lady “screamed loudly throughout the trip, used bad language, swung her arms, and then lit up,” according to flight attendants.

Irina Tammiruusu, the owner of a Moscow travel business, was wounded as a result of this, and she was wheeled off the plane in a wheelchair. She then cursed the cops. She’s been charged with “petty hooliganism” and “insulting a government official,” among other things (a crime in Russia, not yet in the United States).

She maintains, however, that she didn’t smoke on the plane; instead, she just held the cigarette in her mouth.

Ms. Tammiruusu also says she was assaulted by cops and injected with “an unknown substance” including mRNA. And she claims she was in the right for her conduct on board.

Do you know how much it costs to fly in business class? This is not a budget flight.

Passengers who filmed her on flight, she believes, owe her a “apology.”

For insulting officials, Tammiruus Travel’s owner faces a fine of up to three months’ salary, 360 hours of forced labor, or one year in prison, as well as a potential fine of nearly US$7000 and a blacklist from the airline for smoking on board her flight, which was reportedly operated by Pobeda, Aeroflot’s low-cost carrier. Pobeda, on the other hand, flies Milas-Bodrum – Moscow Vnukovo, not Moscow Sheremetyevo, therefore I think she was on board Aeroflot. Is it strange that I seem to have a Facebook buddy in common with this woman?

Last summer, an airplane passenger reclined back and smoked a cigarette after refusing to wear a mask. It wasn’t the first time something like this had occurred.

A guy drank four bottles of beer, used an e-cigarette, and assaulted a flight attendant before the outbreak. E-cigarettes, like conventional cigarettes, are usually prohibited on aircraft (due to the risk that some passengers may mistake them for the real thing). Despite this, a guy who burnt himself with his own e-cigarette filed a lawsuit against the airline on which he was traveling.

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