A woman traveling alone decided to open the emergency exit door of an airplane she found herself stuck in after the plane landed, and a flight attendant didn’t hear her. When the plane landed in Philadelphia, the woman was not allowed to get off and was restrained by authorities. This happened because the flight attendant couldn’t hear her, which is understandable.

Passengers on a recent American Airlines flight were left in hysterics after a woman attempted to open the plane’s door while seated. While some passengers were able to restrain her, she was eventually able to open the door and make her escape.

The 6th. In July, an unnamed passenger was chained to her seat during an overnight flight after she became angry and physically attacked crew members when she tried to open the exterior door during the flight.

Reportedly, about an hour into the flight on American Airlines Flight 1774 from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to Charlotte, North Carolina (CLT), the woman suffered some sort of nervous breakdown and physically attacked at least one crew member, biting and scratching him as she desperately tried to leave the cabin during the flight.


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Woman Gets Duct-Taped To Her Seat After Attempting To Open Airplane Door

Passenger and TikTok user @lol.ariee later told the New York Post that about an hour into the trip, the lights came on and crew members began walking hurriedly down the aisle, talking in low voices. Then, gradually, we heard more and more shouting, and we said: Wait a minute, she said.

Finally, the pilot addressed the other passengers via intercom, asked them to remain seated and reported the bad situation in the aircraft at that moment.

The flight attendant eventually told @lol.ariee that the passenger in first class was in a bad mood and wanted to leave the plane somehow. She said: I need to get off this plane, I walked to the exit and started banging on the doors: You have to let me off this plane!

I think it took all five flight attendants to hold her down and literally bring her to the ground, the TikTok user continued. So they took it off, put it on the chair and taped it.

After they landed in Charlotte, @lol.airee posted images on TikTok of the woman who kept trying to yell at the disembarking passengers. You can hear them screaming: You! You! She! walks up to them as they pass her in the aisle, while the flight attendants quietly say goodbye to everyone else.

The brief video footage shows an unidentified woman whose arms and upper body appear to be taped to a chair with silver duct tape, and whose mouth is also taped, presumably to prevent her from screaming throughout the flight after being taped.

The footage also shows paramedics waiting in the driveway with a stretcher, and the US site has since reported that the woman was taken directly to a local hospital for evaluation. The airline has placed her on its internal no-fly list pending an investigation into the incidents.

An American Airlines spokesperson confirmed details of the incident to TMZ: During a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to Charlotte (CLT) on the 6th. In July, the crew of American Airlines Flight 1774 reported a possible safety problem after a customer attempted to open the front gate and physically attacked, bit and injured a flight attendant: For the safety of the other customers and the crew, the man was detained until the flight landed in CLT and was met by police and emergency responders.

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