If you haven’t used United Status yet, it’s a new program that makes earning and redeeming frequent flyer miles (and other rewards) easier. You don’t have to worry about redeeming miles on United flights, or finding the best seat on United flights. Instead, United has partnered with a third party to help you do that.

One of the biggest trends in the travel industry this year is the United MileagePlus Explorer card. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to earn miles and status, both of which are essential for luxury travel.

The good news: there’s even more ways to earn and use United Club points this year. The bad news: it’s a lot more difficult to earn them.

United Has A New Promotion That Makes Status Easy This Year


This Year, United has a new promotion that makes maintaining status simple.

on August 6, 2024 by Gary Leff

There are two new methods for United to achieve elite status for the next year. One allows existing elites to retain their status in exchange for minimal expenditure, while the other provides a boost to individuals who don’t have status or have previously re-qualified for a higher elite tier.

United stated last autumn that elite qualification for 2024 will consist of the following:

  • lesser criteria for status
  • Current elites are having a difficult time achieving status.
  • In the first quarter, there is a bonus qualifying expenditure for status.
  • Restriction on utilizing credit card-earned elite qualifying expenditure to achieve top rank has been lifted.

For 2024, these are the lowered qualifying levels:

Status   Normal Spending/Flights for Qualifying   Qualifying Spend/Flights in 2024
Silver   $5,000 or $4000 Plus 12 Segments   $3,500 + 8 Flights or $3,000 + 8 Flights
Gold   a total of $8,000 plus 24 flights, or a total of $10,000   $7,000 + 16 Flights or $6,000 + 16 Flights
Platinum   $12,000 + 36 Flights ($15,000 total)   $10,000 or $9,000 + 24 Flights
1K   $24,000 or $18,000 Plus 54 flights   $13,500 + 36 Flights ($15,000 total)

Existing elite members were given an automatic head start on achieving status for the next year, depending on their existing status:

Status in 2024   Spending Deposit Requirement
Silver Premier   875
Gold Premier   1,750
Platinum Premier   2,500
1K Premier   3,750

Since then, United has launched numerous campaigns to assist members achieve their revenue-based status without spending any money. But, for those who simply want to re-qualify, that’s all but gone now that it’s become so simple for many.

Existing Elites: Requalification Through Promotion

Current elite members may reclaim their membership by meeting 20% of the lower 2024 qualifying criteria by November 30, 2024, regardless of how much they’ve previously traveled and earned.

    Spend + Flights   Only spend what you have.
Silver   4 + $600   $700
Gold   6 + $1200   $1,400
Platinum   8 + $1800   $2,000
1K   ten plus $2700   $3,000

Corporate flyers (those who have flown with a corporate tour code since January 1, 2019) receive a boost toward the challenge, according to Zach Honig:

  • Silver: $100 in eligible funds
  • Gold: 200 dollars in eligible funds
  • Platinum: 300 dollars in qualifying funds
  • 1K: 400 dollars in eligible funds

Those who do not re-qualify for status in this manner will instead be eligible for the other incentive for non-status and re-qualified travelers, which I will explain next.

Members of Global Services have already had their status extended without having to meet any extra criteria.

Those who do not have status or who have already requalified will get a bonus.

Members who do not have status or who have previously re-qualified for their current status will earn elite qualifying spend incentives for their first three visits between now and November 30:

Present Situation   Bonus for the first trip   Bonus for the second trip   3rd Trip Bonus   Total Capacity
None   250   75   75   400
Silver   350   100   100   550
Gold   700   175   175   1050
Platinum   1,000   250   250   1500
1K   1,500   375   375   2250

One award trip will be eligible for the bonus under this deal. (All reward travel will be counted toward elite status in 2024 and 2024.)

Members may also earn one qualifying trip for every $4,000 spent on United co-brand credit cards, up to a maximum of two flights every $8,000 spent.

Customers at United are encouraged to spend (a little) in order to maintain their status.

Delta and Air Canada have recently extended everyone’s status once again.

After a series of promotions, American is allowing everyone to retain their existing status if they spend $2000 on travel or $15,000 on credit cards during certain time periods.

United’s requirements are more stringent, but they do provide an advantage to consumers who are pursuing first-time or higher-level status. Although Live and Let’s Fly indicates that tailored offers are being considered for members in the Asia Pacific area, this latest batch of offers seems to imply United will not undertake a straight status extension.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

Only some United miles are worth anything this year.. Read more about united welcome-back bonus and let us know what you think.

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