A waterway is a navigable body of water which connects two or more bodies of water. So, what are waterways? They are natural channels of water that connect one body of water to another body of water. Waterways are found all over the world, and connecting the waters of different bodies of water can be a costly, difficult, and time-consuming process. However, AmaWaterways is a new integrated travel company that has broken down those barriers by linking the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico with the Danube River in Europe using the Seine River and its tributaries as a waterway.

For the past decade, travelers like you have been booking their summer vacation trips with AmaWaterways, the only truly international cruise line. But what many travelers don’t know is that AmaWaterways is more than just a cruise line. AmaWaterways also offers a wide array of southern and eastern cruises with various itineraries and departure ports, including but not limited to: Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, New Zealand, the Mediterranean, Mexico, and Europe.

AmaWaterways is expanding in South America, which becomes its fourth continent.

The river cruise expert will sail the Magdalena River in Colombia from December 2024 in partnership with Metropolitan Touring, a company specialising in South America.


As the first luxury river line on the Magdalena River, cruises on the Columbia are operated by an ecological ship with a capacity of 80 to 100 passengers. The ship, which will bear the name AmaMagdalena, will be built in Colombia.

Not since my college days when I was exploring the Amazon have I had the excitement of discovering a new place as rich in biodiversity and culture as the Magdalena River in Colombia, said Rudy Schreiner, president and co-founder of AmaWaterways.

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AmaWaterways Expands Into South America

He went on to explain why Magdalena is an ideal place for river cruises. I think it is the best river in Latin America because it combines culture and nature and is an ideal destination, says Schreiner, who adds that he has also explored other rivers in South America. We need to find a place where every day is something interesting, something different. Of all the rivers I looked at, this one was at the top of the list.

Metropolitan Touring, founded in 1953, creates sustainable and authentic travel experiences in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. On the Galapagos Islands, the company owns and operates three expedition ships and the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel. In mainland Ecuador, the company operates a boutique hotel in Quito and a luxury lodge in the forests northwest of Quito.

In Colombia, Cartagena and Barranquilla will be the central cities. AmaWaterways guests can choose from two seven-night itineraries with pre- and post-cruise land programs that explore Colombia’s vibrant cultural and natural heritage. Activities include kayaking, hiking and bird watching, as well as learning about the wildlife, culture, flavors and people of the area.

Specific itineraries are currently being developed and further details are expected in the coming weeks. Sales are expected to begin later this year, around November.

South America is the fourth continent of AmaWaterway. The company is also present in Europe, in Asia on the Mekong River via Cambodia and Vietnam, and in Africa on the Chobe River.

AmaWaterways has also announced the return of river cruises to Europe. AmaDouro exists 3 years now. July started sailing on the Douro River in Portugal.

On the Danube, AmaMagna will be on the 21st. July, AmaBella on the 15th. of August, AmaLea on August 16, AmaCerto on August 21, AmaVerde on August 29, AmaViola on September 6 and AmaSonata on September 11. Launching in September.

In France, AmaLuyra and AmaKristina will be seen on July 22, AmaDolce on July 29 and AmaDolce and AmaCello on July 16. The plant will resume operation in September.

AmaSiena starts on the Rhine on the 29th. July, AmaMora on the 5th. August, AmaSerena and AmaLucia at 14. August and AmaPrima at 24. August.

It’s good to be back! Shriner exclaimed.

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