Avis has been known for its aggressive tactics, but this is the first time it’s taken a car from someone who was not even driving. The incident took place in New York City and the driver was left stranded on the side of the road with no way to get home.

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Insane: Avis Snatches Rental Car From Driver In The Middle Of Night


Avis snatches a rental car from a driver in the middle of the night, which is insane.

on August 20, 2024 by Gary Leff

Tarikh Campbell hired a vehicle from Avis at Newark International Airport. He parked his white Toyota Camry at his Teaneck, New Jersey, residence. However, he discovered it was gone at 10:30 p.m. the night before he was scheduled to return the vehicle and fly home. Avis seems to have taken it.

  • He dialed the police number. It hadn’t been towed. They advised him to contact Avis in the hopes of using GPS to find the car.
  • After an hour on wait, Avis informed him that they were unable to locate it and that he should contact the police again to make a complaint.
  • The next morning, he took a Lyft to the airport, where he informed Avis of the incident and handed them a copy of the police report.

Because I hadn’t returned the vehicle, the @Avis representative informed me that I would continue to be charged for it and would be responsible if it wasn’t returned. She said that the vehicle could be traced and offered me someone’s business card to contact. I returned the keys. I was able to board my flight. pic.twitter.com/rjlPRbnokn

20 August 2024 — Tarikh Campbell (@tarikhcampbell)

Since his transponder had been left in the rental vehicle, Campbell verified the Easy Pass record when he returned to Boston. The car was taken back to the Newark airport.

And this was the first genuine indication that things wasn’t quite right. According to recent activity, the transponder entered the NJ turnpike around 10:30 p.m. at exit 18W (the closest exit to my house) and left 11 minutes later at exit 14 for Newark Airport… pic.twitter.com/y6dMkLYGiT

20 August 2024 — Tarikh Campbell (@tarikhcampbell)

His aunt, who lives down the street, has a camera that records everything that happens on the street. He claims to have video of the vehicle being towed away by a tow truck (which the cops claim was not done on their behalf). And he thinks the vehicle would have only been discovered if GPS tracking had been used. The vehicle was marked as returned on the Avis app shortly after he returned to Boston.

The tow truck took 12 minutes to load the vehicle before leaving with it, disproving the theft hypothesis. However, keep in mind that the police had not ordered it to be impounded. Also, I hadn’t provided anybody, including @Avis, my NJ address. The address on my driver’s license is in Boston.

20 August 2024 — Tarikh Campbell (@tarikhcampbell)

Why would Avis send a tow truck to repossess a vehicle during a rental, it seems, is now the question. And how do you get someone to recognize it (along with the late fines being waived!)? Isn’t it the oddest part about this tale that it occurred with Avis instead of Hertz?

My only guess is that the vehicle was (1) returned late and handed over to Avis’ contractor to locate and recover, (2) returned by that renter, and (3) Avis never turned off the order to return it. If this is the case, the tenant is obviously entitled to reimbursement.

  • It is not just the late fines that should be waived, but the whole rental agreement as well.
  • Their Lyft ride to the airport was paid for.
  • On top of that, there was a very significant goodwill offer, at least several hundred dollars in free rental credits.

I’ve gone out to Avis for comment, and if they reply, I’ll update this article. What are your thoughts?

(Photo courtesy of @mipo777)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you dont return a rental car on time Avis?


Do Avis rental cars have trackers?

Avis does not use trackers in their rental cars.

Can you go to jail for keeping a rental car?

If you keep a rental car without the permission of the rental company, then yes, you could go to jail for that.

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