I’ve lived in Berlin for 11 years. I have visited more than 100 countries across the globe. I have travelled to countries like UK, Russia, France, China, Mexico and many more. I have many friends all over the globe. I have a lot of memories and I often share them on my music blog.

There are always going to be excuses for not traveling. The cost of travel is prohibitive, the time off work is needed, the schedule just got busy, the dog needs to be walked, the kids have an important event … stop. Get out there.

I’m a travel blogger who just moved to Belgium . I’ve been looking for a good apartment in the center of Brussels and have been finding it hard to find a two bedroom apartment that is both friendly for me as a single female and affordable. I have been looking online and found that apartments can be had for between 75 and 150 euros (I’m still looking for the best deal). There are plenty of other apartments in Brussels that are cheaper but I’m hoping to find a good one that fits my budget.

As the travel industry rebounds, travel managers at all levels must once again deliver top performance.

Let’s start with the general managers of luxury hotels in the United States. Last year, during the pandemic, many of these places were flooded with expensive visitors because wealthy travelers could not leave the country. This year is no exception, as the more expensive accommodations are sold out and it’s hard to find suitable dates in the best locations.

Yet all the time we hear about problems with service in these places. In one case, a guest who had paid $10,000 a night for a suite was forced to sit in the hotel lobby because he was denied access to his suite for unknown reasons. The worst part? The tour guide could not find anyone to answer the phone in the office when he asked for help.

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Another true case: A customer who paid a similar amount per night had multiple requests for activities during his stay. The travel agent could not reach the hotel concierge, so he had to call ten different departments to get tickets for dinner, spa and water sports.

In another case, a luxury hotel recently hosted a live event for the meeting industry and failed to inform attendees and the meeting organizer that the only food and beverage facility open that day was on the golf course, requiring a 10-minute walk in the hot Arizona sun. The rooms were dirty from the start and were not cleaned for the duration of the event.

COVID was blamed for all this, but each of these hotels got record prices for rooms.

It’s time to stop pointing fingers and get American CEOs to take responsibility for what’s happening in their institutions. It all goes back to hotel school 101. These problems belong to them and they must find a way to solve them. If they are understaffed due to labor shortages, they need to strengthen their lower management to resolve customer service issues. A good hotelier never lets the guest know what goes on behind the scenes, and that’s still true in 2024.

Travel consultants, meanwhile, should do their homework to find out what’s going on at the hotels they book, even if it means checking Tripadvisor reviews. Follow closely what has been reported lately.  With the increase in the number of people allowed to stay in many hotels, the ability to properly serve guests has decreased in many establishments. The hotel rooms have become tired, the mattresses are worn and some carpets are stained. I know it’s always a challenge to fill a full staff, and that’s often reflected in customer reviews on OTA sites. However, I suspect that some hotels are still using the pandemic as an excuse for poor service and abusing the high occupancy rate of their rooms.

This should all happen as the economy recovers, but in the meantime, the leaders of all tourism businesses need to review the fundamentals of their business to ensure that high-paying customers get a fair return on their investment.

US hotel sector posts best performance since COVID

How do you get back?

52% of Americans will vote on the 4th. Go on a trip.

US may create 2 million jobs as travel picks up by summerWhy you should continue traveling after you have children I hear this all the time. “Oh, I used to take so many trips a year before I had kids, but now that I have them, I don’t have the time.” Well, quit making excuses, because I’m here to tell you that you CAN travel with your family. You can do it, and it will be the best year yet.. Read more about no more excuses song and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No more excuses means that you are not allowed to make any excuses for your actions.

Who gave excuses in the Bible?

The Bible does not give any excuses for sin.

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