Thailand is a beautiful place to visit and is also one of the hottest tourist attractions in the world. Despite being a favourite tourist attraction and filled with amazing natural beauty, Thailand is not very expensive. It is not even cheap either. If you plan to visit Southeast Asian countries, you might find Thailand to be slightly expensive.

Despite that, you can still plan a budgeted visit by taking care of a few things.

1. Find a reliable travel agency

Travel Cheap in Thailand 2024: Tips to Save Money in Your Trip

The easiest thing that you can do is find a reliable travel agency. They help you plan your trip with the available budget. So you do not have to do anything. Simply let them know your budget and ask them to plan the trip for you.

For example, you can find packages for Affordable Thailand Vacations at les secrets du siam. They are a team of Thai enthusiasts. Furthermore, they are doing the business for 10 plus years. Therefore, they have enough experience to help you find some cheap and budget-friendly travel to Thailand.

Be sure to visit their website and find your tailor-made trip. This is the shortest and easiest way of getting your unique experience. Moreover, because they have been in the business for a long time, they know the cheapest places to stay. Likewise, they are also well-aware of off-seasons. So if you are really tight on the budget, they would be of help.

Hiring a travel agency is a good option but you have to pay them too. Therefore, if you want to do it your way, you can try some other tricks.

2. Travelling during off-seasons

Seasons of traveling are set because of various reasons. If a country is known for its beautiful nature then you have to visit it in specific months. Thus, there is a rush in those months. Because of rush time, airfares, hotel accommodation and even other rents are high during that time.

The peak season of Thailand is from October to March. So if you want to reduce your expenses, you should avoid traveling during these months. In addition to this, if you are already there before October, make sure to come back on time. Not only is the peak season going to start but it is also the rainy season. Thus, you might encounter more problems.

In addition to this, during off-seasons, it is easy to bargain the prices because they won’t be expecting more guests. However, during peak time, hotel owners are well-aware that even if they miss a few bargaining customers, they can always get more.

3. Avoid tourist traps

Travel Cheap in Thailand 2024: Tips to Save Money in Your Trip

Credit cards are an easy way to get things done. While you are going out, it is safer to carry a card than cash. However, little do people know that sometimes, carrying cash is a better option.

If you are in a foreign place and you pay in their currency, you will pay the local price. However, some shops charge more if you are a foreigner. They cannot do it legally so they use a trick. If you pay in local currency, the price will be different. However, if you use your card, they will charge a high price in dollars.

For example, a cup of coffee in local currency would become around 1 dollar. However, if you use your credit card to pay for it, it will charge more than 17 dollars. Such a huge difference. Therefore, it is better to carry some cash with you.

4. Don’t go to over-hyped places

Although the internet helps you with a lot of things, it can bring trouble too. If you are not careful enough, you might end up spending more.

For example, there are some islands that get more tourists. Therefore, the locals are already aware of how to charge foreigners. So instead of going for the hype, you should choose another place to visit.

Ko Samui and Phuket are some of the places that get more tourists than others. So if you choose to go there, you will lose a lot of money. These places are rather expensive. So instead of that, you can choose to go to Ko Lanta and Koh Chang. They are also worth visiting and do not get a high number of tourists. Therefore, you will get things at local rates.

In addition to this, you will be able to enjoy the better scenery in remote places. They are less visited and therefore, they are in their original shape. On the other hand, famous cities are well-designed and expensive too.

5. Avoid taking taxis

Travel Cheap in Thailand 2024: Tips to Save Money in Your Trip

Bangkok is a populated city and faces heavy traffic during certain hours. So if you take a taxi during that hour, they will charge you more. In addition to this, if you take a taxi from certain areas, the rate will be expensive.

Therefore, there is a system of using metres in taxis and locals make use of it. However, if someone is visiting for the very first time, he won’t know it. Thus, the taxi drivers make use of their unawareness and charge them more.

That is why you should either not take a taxi or choose the one with a metre. You should ask the driver if he will run the metre or not. If he denies it, you should take another one. This is just a trick to trap customers.

Or you can choose a local taxi application. It is safe and has set charges.

6. Take overnight buses

Not many people travel overnight. Therefore, the tickets are cheaper for that time of the day, in some areas.

Even if the rates are the same, they can save a lot of your money.

Firstly, you won’t need to pay for your hotel accommodation. If you are traveling overnight, you can check out from the hotel in the morning.

Secondly, buying second-class tickets will save more money. There won’t be many people so even the second class won’t be suffocated and gossipy. Furthermore, the main difference is between the comfort level of the seat and the place.

So, you can use these tips and tricks to save a lot of your money.

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