When American Airlines first launched their AAdvantage program in 2011, they asked every member to pay a fee to get the first level of AAdvantage status. The program included many benefits like free upgrades and priority check-in. Now, however, the Airlines have changed up the AAdvantage program, and many flyers are receiving lower AAdvantage status than they had before.

For those who fly American Airlines, you are eligible to receive a status called “Executive Platinum”. The status is a second class ticket with perks like lounge access and a free checked bag, and is everything you expect from a first class ticket. But that’s where the similarities between first class and “Executive Platinum” end. For many, the benefits of “Executive Platinum” are not worth the $5,000 annual fee, since the flight itself is only worth $1,500.

American Airlines offers many passengers free elite status, making Executive Platinummore affordable.

Gary Leff 24. June 2024

With eligible mileage bonuses and eligible dollar promotions, a current Executive Platinum member must spend $9,000 and travel 70,000 eligible miles to regain their status. American then sells an additional 10,000 Executive Platinum qualifying miles for $495.

But many AAdvantage members who don’t have previous status will receive benefits,

  • Platinum status
  • Free upgrade certificates
  • A fast track to an even higher status

American Airlines Gifting Free Elite Status To Many Flyers, “Cheapening” Executive Platinum

In fact, these customers only need 25,000 miles and $3,550 qualifying dollars in 3 months to earn Executive Platinum, which is the usual qualifying criteria for Executive Platinum on an annual basis – but less than half of what Executive Platinum needs to achieve in total this year, including promotions.

  • The first half of the year was dominated by depreciation and impairment charges. There were very few business trips, almost no international long-distance travel, and many elites did not even travel for leisure.
  • The comparison with the usual criteria is therefore meaningless, it is more realistic to double the 3-month criterion for the comparison with a 6-month trip.
  • And while the second half of 2024 should be more normal than the previous 16 months, business travel won’t pick up until the last four months of the year, and many long-haul destinations – the bread and butter of business travelers – won’t even be fully open yet.

В условиях ограничености дальнемагистральных перевозок многие широкофюзеляжные самолеты American Airlines летают внутри страны.

American Airlines Gifting Free Elite Status To Many Flyers, “Cheapening” Executive Platinum

For example, some status offers apply to levels lower than Executive Platinum. B. to Platinum Pro level. You can log in to see if you are a target. Even if you don’t plan to fly American Airlines, it’s worth signing up for free 500-mile upgrade certificates that won’t expire and may come in handy in the future.

Airlines are constantly posting status updates. These are generally the lowest status levels, not the highest. Rarely do you offer people who aren’t even competitors a fast track to the elite that your current best customers don’t have.

When American Airlines recently offered existing elite members the option of retaining their status, a senior manager at the airline replied: I don’t want the stock to get bigger, because that would swell the elite ranks and increase the number of people vying for scarce things like upgrades and reserve list spots. But that’s exactly what the airline does by offering a quick, targeted path to higher status that’s easier than the one it offers to retain the people who were its best customers.

Ultimately, status is useful, and competing for a competitive advantage only makes sense to the extent that the new elite members actually fly, and if they become important, it will likely be because they fly often enough that their contribution is useful to the airline.

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