Making the most of your time in Nice can be achieved by renting a car with a driver! Furthermore, you can view everything in a format that suits you. Total independence while traveling with a qualified driver who will serve as a guide! Thus, we’ll make your visit simple, luxurious, and cozy!

Our drivers speak French well and have a complete understanding of the area. A true vacation is ensured when you have a car on the Cote d’Azur with a personal (family) driver at your disposal! Relax in the most comfortable way possible!

Of course, any city along the Cote d’Azur (Nice, Cannes, and Antibes, Monaco) offers driver-assistance car rentals. Without upfront costs or middlemen! We also give you a free transfer from and to the nice airport when you rent a car with a driver!

Hire a car

The Advantages Of Hiring A Car With A Driver At The Nice Airport

Locating and reserving a suitable car, document registration with the organization. When renting a car, most car rental companies charge extra for extra services like GPS, child seats, and the ability to cross the French border (to go to Italy, for example)!

Get an insurance policy and block funds for the duration of the car rental in your bank account (the amount varies based on the class of car; it is between 800 and 1800 euros)!

Fuel, parking, and toll roads all require payment. Risks related to the state of the car and the related expenses for returning it and paying any fines.

Rental car with a driver

The Advantages Of Hiring A Car With A Driver At The Nice Airport

All you have to do is specify the desired car’s class. You will already be met by the driver at the airport. By the way, there is no cost for the transfer from the airport to the nice airport when renting for three days or longer.

No extra expenses! Fuel, parking, and toll roads are already included in the cost. In addition, child seats will be installed if needed. You will always have access to Wi-Fi in the car.

Hiring a driver to drive you around will save you plenty of trouble and headaches!

Car rental nice airport tips

The Advantages Of Hiring A Car With A Driver At The Nice Airport

If you still choose to simply rent a car, though, the following advice may help you:

Try to reserve a car ahead of time! Given that reservations made early in the season will cost significantly more!

Verify that the driver’s reservation is being made by a person over the age of 25. If not, the cost could rise twice.

The person who makes the reservation and is one of the drivers must provide their bank card information.

Make sure you have unlimited kilometers available for the duration of the rental if you intend to take long trips! For instance, let’s say you want to drive to the lavender fields in Provence. Since there will be more than 350 km of total mileage in this instance,. The typical daily limit at rental locations is 150 km.

Based on our observations, Car rental nice airport is the most affordable option. The availability of a wide range of rental companies and convenient opening hours is an advantage.

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