In April, Carnival Cruise Lines announced that it would be finally restarting the MSC Seaside from Galveston, Texas, its second ship to be built by the company. The ship was originally intended to be part of the Gulf Coast cruise line’s 2011-2012 sailings, but it was delayed for a few years. After the MSC Seaside was built, it was targeted to be the main ship on the itinerary for the 2012-2013 cruise season, but it was delayed another year. The ship will embark on its first voyage on May 24 th, and is scheduled to return to Galveston on June 26 th.

The Carnival Triumph was met with a fair amount of criticism when it opened up in Texas in early 2012. The cruise ship returned to Galveston on Sunday, June 24th, after the engine failure on Friday night, June 22nd, delayed the return of the ship by several hours. While some passengers were forced to wait indoors, most were on the deck decked out in their beach attire and having an enjoyable time.

On April 1 st , a Carnival Cruise ship restarted from Galveston, Texas’ Port, after being off the road for four months. The Carnival Triumph, which was a seven-day cruise ship that departed Galveston on March 26 th , headed to the Mexican Riviera, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. The ship was scheduled to call at the port near Mobile, Alabama, on April 8 th , but it was put out of service due to a leak in a hydraulic system that was repaired on April 1 st .. Read more about carnival cruise line and let us know what you think.

She’s been in Galveston since the beginning of May, and the crew must be itching to go back on the road after six weeks of staring at Galveston Wharves. The crew, guests, and Carnival Cruise Line have all been waiting for Thursday, July 15, when Carnival Breeze, the third Carnival Cruise ship, would begin sailings.

Guests will be able to join the vessel between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m., and she will leave the pier at 3:30 p.m. if you are anxious to watch her go!

Carnival Breeze: What to Expect

Expectations are high for Carnival Breeze after the successful trips aboard Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon. Carnival Vista departed from Galveston on July 3 and completed her maiden cruise, as did Carnival Horizon, which recently completed her first trip from Miami a few days ago.

The third Carnival ship to begin sailings will depart from Galveston on July 15 on a four-day itinerary that includes a stop in Cozumel and two days at sea. The Carnival Breeze will sail from Galveston on 4- and 5-day cruises this season. A stop at Costa Maya or Progreso, Yucatan, is also included in the 5-day itinerary.

As with the Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon, the ship will sail on a completely vaccinated route, which means that 95 percent of the passengers and 98 percent of the staff must be vaccinated. However, cruises on the Dream-class ship will not be completely filled; Carnival’s ships are already running at 70% capacity.

There will be a $150 fee for passengers who have not been immunized for required testing during and before the cruise. Although this may dampen the enthusiasm for those who have not been vaccinated, the fee will apply to all youngsters who have not been vaccinated. Last week, Brand Ambassador John Heald made the news, saying:

“We understand that this adds a cost to the trip that you probably didn’t include in when you booked it, but we need to keep everyone safe.”

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Second Carnival Cruise Ship to Restart from GalvestonValerie Johnson / / Valerie Johnson / / Valerie Johnson / Shutterstock.

What Has Changed on the Ship?

As we said yesterday, there have been some notable modifications on board the Carnival ships. Guests aboard will be relieved to learn that the emergency drill on embarkation day is much less invasive than in the past.

The exercise is already done by just viewing a safety video on the Carnival Hub App, going to your emergency station, and noting how to put on a lifejacket. The cruise company has also introduced cabin service, which will only be done once, as well as an extra safety precaution for crew members in housekeeping. John Heald had this to say about it:

“To restrict access to your cabin, we are now servicing guestrooms once a day as part of our new health and safety procedures. Aside from our regular service, the staff is just a phone call away if you need anything more. In any case, you have the option of attending a morning or evening service.“

Aside from that, Carnival is putting a lot of emphasis on the Carnival Hub App; as previously said, the emergency drill is mostly conducted via the app.

At addition, Fun Times, the popular daily program for Carnival visitors, has gone paperless, and the app can be used to access menus in bars and restaurants, buy pizza and beers for delivery, and much more.

So here we are, a few more days before another ship sets off. While it isn’t all of Carnival Cruise Line’s ships just yet, it is a good start!


Second Carnival Cruise Ship to Restart from Galveston

We’ve all heard the stories of the maiden voyage of the world’s first ocean liner, the RMS Titanic. The infamous ship, which was built at the White Star Line’s Harland and Wolff shipyards in Britain, set sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England in 1911. It was a glamorous voyage to New York City, and its departure seemed to be uneventful.. Read more about cruises out of galveston 2024 and let us know what you think.

Yes, Carnival Cruise Line has cancelled all of their cruises for 2024."}},{"@type":"Question","name":"What is the newest Carnival ship out of Galveston?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"

The newest Carnival ship out of Galveston is the Carnival Vista."}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all cruises Cancelled for 2024?

The answer to this question is unknown.

Has Carnival Cancelled cruises for 2024?

Yes, Carnival Cruise Line has cancelled all of their cruises for 2024.

What is the newest Carnival ship out of Galveston?

The newest Carnival ship out of Galveston is the Carnival Vista.

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