On Thursday, November 30, 2013, two workers died during the scrapping of the former, infamous Carnival Cruise ship, called the Carnival Ecstasy. The man and woman were employed by Scrap Dynamic, a subsidiary of Carnival Cruises, and were working at the scrapyard. The man died when a piece of scrap metal fell onto his head. The girl was crushed when a crane lowered a piece of scrap metal on her.

A worker was killed after falling while scrapping the former Carnival Cruise Lines ship, Triumph, on Thursday afternoon at a shipyard in Louisiana.

A former cruise ship is being scrapped, and two men die during the process. This was found at https://travelloyal.com/2012/05/former-carnival-cruise-ship-scrapped/. Read more about retired carnival cruise ships and let us know what you think.

Tragically, two employees who were engaged in the dismantling of a former Carnival cruise ship in Turkey have perished. The tragic disaster occurred on board the Carnival Inspiration cruise liner, which was scrapped at Aliaga, Turkey.

Accidental Death While Scrapbooking Carnival Ideas

Two employees died during the deconstruction of the Carnival Inspiration cruise liner at the Aliaga ship breaking plant in Turkey, according to the non-profit Shipbreaking Platform. The two employees were reportedly trapped in the engine room of the former Carnival-owned vessel by flames. An inquiry into what occurred is now ongoing.

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It arrives at a time when dismantling cruise ships is a risky business. Workers are often required to climb about the ships and chop pieces off with little or no safety equipment. This terrible news will not be welcomed by NGO, which is a coalition fight for clean and safe ship recycling.

NGO Shipbreaking Platform’s Executive Director and Founder, Ingvild Jenssen, said:

“The accumulation of ships in Aliaa must not jeopardize OHS management. Cruise ships are famously complicated constructions with many compartments and possibly lethal dangers that need a trained crew and a significant amount of time to dismantle. To relieve the present strain on Aliaa, the EU must increase capacity throughout the EU in accordance with the European Green Deal. Many ships will be scrapped in the future years, and those looking for long-term solutions will require additional options.”


Carnival announced in August 2024 that the Carnival Inspiration and Fantasy will be responsibly recycled in the Aliaga, Turkey plant by EGE CELIK and SIMSEKLER. The cruise line also collaborated with the Bellona Foundation, a key partner of the non-profit Shipbreaking Platform, to deconstruct cruise ships securely.

To comply with environmental regulations, a ship recycling strategy was developed for each of the boats. Machinery, electrical equipment, glass, wood, and other items that may be immediately recycled for reuse in new ships are being removed from both ships. Steel and metal scraps, for example, are transported abroad to be used in the manufacture of other goods.

Two Workers Die During Scrapping of Former Carnival Cruise Ship

Carnival Cruise Line was obliged to destroy three Fantasy-class ships because to the worldwide epidemic, including the Carnival Fantasy, which has already vanished, Carnival Inspiration, and Carnival Imagination. Fortunately, Carnival Fascination, a sister ship, was rescued and sold to Chinese cruise company Century Cruises.

Six Former Carnival Cruise Ships Are Currently Being Dismantled

Carnival Inspiration was constructed in Helsinki, Finland, for Carnival Cruise Line. The ship was built in 1996 and had a gross tonnage of 70,367, with a passenger capacity of over 2,000 and a crew of over 900.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the two employees, as well as all the workers who risk their lives every day at shipbreaking facilities throughout the globe.

Two Workers Die During Scrapping of Former Carnival Cruise Ship

A Carnival Cruise Ship? What the hell? A Carnival Cruise Ship? Haven’t heard of this one yet? Well, you’ll be hearing a lot of that word in the coming months, as I’m sure you’ll soon be hearing about the incident on the Carnival Inspiration . Late last week, two men were killed and seven others were injured when part of the scrapping of the former cruise ship began. According to CNN, the workers had been tasked with removing the ship’s engine, but the accident happened when a crane hoisted the engine into place.. Read more about scrapping a cruise ship and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to scrapped cruise ships?

Scrapped cruise ships are usually turned into scrap metal and recycled.

Why was the Carnival Fantasy scrapped?

The Carnival Fantasy was scrapped because it would have been too expensive to make.

How many ships did carnival scrap?

There are no ships in carnival.

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