There are several places on the planet of earth that we would all want to visit at some point. Some are more extravagant and famous than others but they all have that something that will draw you to go.

Places like Hawaii, Dubai, Mount Everest, Iceland and others are the most known and most famous, but other places on this planet are rarely spoken about but have their appeal and benefits. Today we will inform you about everything Main has to offer, and if at any point you decided to visit it and see if we are correct try Maine travel and enjoy.

Things like iconic seafood, high quality of life and other things will make you want to go to Maine. This New England state is a rural, and small area state, the 12th smallest to be exact. Besides that, it boasts jagged and rocky Atlantic Ocean Bayshore coastlines and a heavily forested interior, but let’s not give you any more spoilers and let’s start with the reasons why Main should be your next trip destination.

The scenery

Reasons You Should Want to Visit Maine at Least Once in Your Life

The views that you can see within Maine are some of the most spectacular ones in the entire country. Most of you didn’t know this but the state of Maine’s nickname wasn’t chosen for a random reason. Most of its territory is covered with forests, where the pine tree is the most affluent. Maine is also one of the least populated states there is more than plenty of greenery for everyone to enjoy. Fans of the wilderness will enjoy here just keep in mind it is rather easy to get lost in the dense foliage. Another thing that thrives here is hunting mainly because of such an abundance of wildlife


The state of Maine is, as you already heard, seafood heaven. All of you who love seafood, especially high-quality ones will adore this place. The thing we all know Maine for is their fabulous freshly caught lobsters, shrimps, clams and mussels. The lobster here is, by some, probably better in Maine than in the state of Massachusetts, or at least they can easily compete. Another thing you didn’t know is that the State of Maine is one of the biggest suppliers of lobsters and they supply more than 90% of this food across the nation. Maine also boasts fishing and whatever you catch you are free to serve yourself fresh. You can opt for both salt water or fresh water fishing and you will always have a variety of fish to catch and enjoy later if you wish.

Low crime rate

Reasons You Should Want to Visit Maine at Least Once in Your Life

If you are looking for one of the safest states to visit, Main is one of those. It is considered to be one of the best states to live in and raise a family. Things like burglaries, homicides and other bigger crimes are practically unheard of and the neighbourhood is always there for you as support and help. Believe it or not thanks to this, Main was at one point even the number one state when it comes to the safety and well being of its populous. These things pour you confidence and make places like these highly desirable when it comes to tourism, as well as looking for a stable place to settle down.


No matter what type of healthcare you have, the state of Maine will make sure that the doctors that are treating you are top grade. Everything tied to this from lab tests to hospital stay and rest is done in an environment that is highly modernized, the equipment used is state of the art and everything is wrapped up with utmost courtesy, compassion and attentiveness.

Low population

Reasons You Should Want to Visit Maine at Least Once in Your Life

Now if you are visiting a certain place on earth this might be important or not so much. It all depends on whether you are looking for a peaceful trip or one filled with tourists and the state’s residents, parties and lavish nightlife. The perspective we are taking here is from a health reason. With this covid virus still active in certain places, the low population in the state of Maine will help you stay healthier and safer. There is a lot of elbow room thanks to this fact and if you opt to stay somewhere in the nature the only neighbours you will have is the wildlife roaming around, but they will not bother you too much either.

Old-school culture

Now, some visitors do not care about this, but those that do will be graced with a more relaxed and slower pace of life. It is considered to be an “old-school state” but to many, this is normal and even desirable. Maine is sometimes referred to as an “oldie” state and it has nothing to do with the state’s age, which is over 130 years by the way. It has to do with the inhabitants of Maine which have an average age of 44. The reason for this is that many retirees decide to move here because of the way of life, while the younger population that doesn’t like that pace moves elsewhere.


Reasons You Should Want to Visit Maine at Least Once in Your Life

Those of you who are aiming to enjoy beach life will be ecstatic with Maine. This state has over 3000 miles of coastline which is one of the longest in the country. The beaches of Maine offer clear blue water and soft white sand that is only seen in some extravagant destinations like Greece and Dubia. It does not have that tropical feel to it like Florida or Hawaii does, but it is still a destination that is more than worthy of a vacation.


Those visiting Maine will also want to know about transportation and its costs. When compared to other states Maine is pretty OK when it comes to means and frequency of transportation. You can opt for many different things that are not expensive, so if you are there on a vacation or for a weekend, you will have the means to move around places and not break your budget too much.

That is most of the things we wanted to inform you about. The state of Maine has so much to offer but it is best when you experience it personally. All of this that we wrote should get you to decide to go there, and all other things we are leaving to you to discover on your own.

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