After a series of Italian court rulings, the country’s leading concert venues are now insisting that their customers purchase a $4.50 COVID “green pass” if they wish to attend upcoming events at these venues. This controversial legislation—which has been dubbed the “green pass law”—is the brainchild of a group of Italian spiritual leaders.

For the past few years, some Italian cities have been getting progressively greener. As a result of the country’s flourishing environmental movements, politicians are now forcing venues to introduce a CO2 emission limit, setting the stage to finish off the country’s reliance on fossil fuels. This is the case for the entire country, but cities are the ones that have taken the lead in the effort, and a report issued by the Ministry of the Environment reveals what it means for club goers.

A government-mandated ‘Green Pass’ scheme will require Italian citizens to carry a COVID ‘Green Pass’ whilst in public buildings, for example, libraries, theatres, cinemas, stadiums and sports centres.

Italy’s new requirement that individuals show a ‘Green Pass,’ a national digital COVID-19 certificate, to access public businesses, such as indoor restaurants, gyms, theaters, museums, and other social places, goes into effect today.

The digital application generates a QR code that is connected to a person’s immunization records, current test results, or records of previous COVID-19 recovery, and must be shown before entering public spaces. Both digital and print versions of the certificate are accessible and accepted.


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Italy Now Requiring COVID ‘Green Pass’ To Access Public Venues

The new regulation will impact schoolteachers, students, and school administrators at Italian schools and universities beginning in September, when they will be required to show their Green Pass in order to be allowed on campus. Staff employees who fail to produce their health permits for five days in a row will be suspended and their wages will be withheld, according to Euronews.

“We are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure that schools reopen safely in September and that courses are held in person. We order a mandatory Green Pass as a necessity for all staff members to enter schools under this new legislation “Italy’s Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, said.

Long-distance travel will also need evidence of immunization or a negative test starting in September. A Green Pass will be needed to board aircraft, high-speed trains, buses, and ferries that travel between more than two regions, according to The Local.

According to The New York Times, the new Green Pass requirement has been generally accepted and supported by Italians. Some demonstrations have taken place throughout Italy, with mask-free marchers holding signs reading “Green Pass authoritarian measure” and “We are for yes to freedom,” but participation has been fewer than organizers had anticipated.

The recent introduction of a comparable Health Pass in France caused widespread public outrage. Nonetheless, on August 9, France will extend its health pass provision to restrict public access to restaurants, bars, aircraft, and trains.

According to a Euronews article, many other European Union nations, including Austria, Cyprus, and Denmark, have successfully implemented comparable health-verification systems.

Residents and tourists who fail to comply with Italy’s new Green Pass regulations risk penalties ranging from €400 (about $471) to €1000 (approximately $1,176).

The country of Italy is now requiring visitors to enter into a new security system called “COVIDI”, which stands for “Congresso per il Verifiche e i Danni Infruttivi”. COVIDI will be a massive security system for public venues, such as the Cisitalia Autodrome in the town of Imola, Ferrari World in Maranello, and most of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Visitors will need to have the COVIDI card, which will be given to them at the entrance to the venues. The card will have a chip that allows it to access the venue’s security system, and will be able to scan for various items, such as weapons, explosives,. Read more about how to obtain a green pass for italy and let us know what you think.

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