Southwest Airlines found themselves in hot water this past week, after a mother posted a photo to Facebook showing a Southwest flight attendant at her two year old’s face, “glueing” a mask on to her child’s face. According to the caption, the flight attendant was force-feeding the child cookies. Not only that, but the Facebook post was shared by more than 1,300 people, and over 44,000 people saw the photo before the post was deleted.

The examples of parents stuffing their kids faces with food and force-feeding them their own may be well-known, but it seems there are still people out there who think it’s okay to do so. A woman from Florida recently got a nasty surprise when she realized that her two-year-old daughter was “glued” in place and had no ability to move her face.

Southwest Tells Mother To “Glue” Mask Onto Her Two Year Old’s Face


Southwest instructs a mother to “glue” a mask on her two-year-old child’s face.

on August 17, 2024 by Gary Leff

On August 12, a woman was traveling from Orlando to Norfolk, Virginia with her husband, four-year-old son, and two-year-old daughter. While they had a good trip to Florida, they had some issues with the younger kid on the way back. Because she sucks her thumb and the mask gets in the way, the two-year-old wouldn’t keep her mask on.

The lady said that two flight attendants stood over them, watching her struggle with the kid. One even advised her to “glue it to her face.” And, according to Cleek, “the flight attendant suggested she had glue available.”

Cleek said, “I simply know that whether it was sarcasm or not, I was ashamed and attempting to fulfill the mandate as much as I could.” “My daughter is two years old. We were putting out every effort to comply.”

“I don’t enjoy being this person,” she said in her essay. The federal government requires that you wear a mask… I understand. It is something I admire. However, we must have human decency at some point. Compassion.”

“I don’t want parents to feel like they have to hold down their kid to put on a mask,” the mother says.

Southwest Airlines claims that

Since February 2, 2024, the federal mask requirement for travelers has been in force, requiring all passengers above the age of two to wear a mask at all times throughout their trip. During the current COVID-19 epidemic, we [Southwest] appreciate our customers’ continued cooperation as we work together to fulfill the government requirement and promote the comfort and well-being of those who fly with us.

Customers are informed about the federal mask requirement many times before flying. Southwest sends reminders to customers during the booking process on our website, in pre-trip emails sent prior to departure, and as part of a customer’s Health Declaration Form, which must be acknowledged during the check-in process on the Southwest app,, Southwest’s mobile website, and airport kiosks.

Even the Southwest spokesman gets the requirement incorrect, claiming that it is for children “above the age of two,” while it is really for those two and up.

Two-year-olds and their families have been booted off flights owing to mask problems on United, JetBlue, Frontier, American, and Southwest throughout the epidemic. Delta permitted two-year-olds to fly without a mask before the federal mask requirement was enacted.

I’ve been a supporter of masks since before the CDC suggested them. Back in March 2024, when American Airlines still prohibited them, I advocated that flight staff should be allowed to wear them. And I advocated throughout last year then into this year that people should wear better masks, first Level 3 procedure masks and verified KN95s or KF94s, and then correctly fitted N95s when they became more widely accessible. A mask requirement for children under the age of two, on the other hand, is ridiculous.

Pre-Delta variant instances in young infants were asymptomatic in almost half of the cases. Symptoms are usually minor when they aren’t. Even with Delta, the danger to very young infants is extremely minimal, and it is somewhat lower than flu and RSV. Even in families, young children have been less likely to transmit the virus. Air filtration and flow are much superior in aircraft than in houses (or bars, restaurants and other indoor congregant settings where people go maskless in muhc of the country). In any event, a tiny strip of paper with two threads that meets the requirement offers little protection to anybody.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my 2 year old have to wear a mask on Southwest Airlines?

No, you do not have to wear a mask on Southwest Airlines.

Does my 2 year old have to wear a mask on a plane?

No, it is not required for children under 2 to wear a mask on a plane.

Does American Airlines require 2 year olds to wear masks?

No, American Airlines does not require 2 year olds to wear masks.

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