The Hilton has long been a strong choice for travelers, but recently it’s been the target of a “bad” review—a review that wasn’t just about hotel quality, but also about deception. A recent investigation by The Consumerist found that the hotel chain was charging for things that customers had never requested. The website found that the Hilton had been charging guests for items like “tax” and “fees,” which they claimed were not included in the rate they advertised.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the Hilton Garden Inn in Duluth is the most complained about hotel in America. The reason for this? Between 2009 and 2016, the hotel repeatedly charged guests for room service, even though the customers never ordered the service.

This Hilton Hotel Is Scamming Guests With Extra Fees, And It’s Fraud

This Hilton Hotel cheats guests by charging extra

Gary Leff 13. July 2023

The Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain charges guests who pay by credit card an additional fee and seems to call it a tax. Hilton has her own standard against her. The overlapping of these fees on top of the standard payment method is called drip-fee pricing. And calling it a tax is fraud. Of course, American Express won’t be happy to hear that Hilton is making its customers pay extra through the Hilton co-brand either.

Yet The Points Guy defends the practice by saying: It is perfectly understandable that struggling businesses feel the need to pass on the extra costs they also face, and this just goes to show that it can be counterproductive, hurt sales and leave a bad impression on consumers who are….. perplexed.

It is quite understandable that companies in difficulty feel the need to pass on the extra costs they face. But at the same time, these questionable supplements can hurt sales and make a bad impression on consumers like Wallace and Burgin.

Six weeks ago, Hilton told me: We adhere to brand standards that do not allow hotels to charge guests a credit card fee. There are exceptions, for example B. where such fees are common on the market, as in some countries in the Asia-Pacific region. There is no doubt that this is a fraudulent company that is misusing this scam. It’s both a class action lawsuit and a government investigation waiting to happen.

What annoys me is that TPG asks the readers to sympathize with this struggling company that has to break even at all costs. This is called the room rate.

  • Which companies should you be concerned about? The property is owned by DiamondRock Hospitality, which bought it from Blackstone in 2012. DiamondRock is a REIT with 30 properties and over 9,600 rooms. Since 2010, they have completed over $3 billion worth of transactions.
  • The surcharge is a surprise to customers and is even worse than the resort fee because they don’t even pretend to offer customers anything in return.
  • For many businesses, it is not even more expensive to accept credit cards than cash. When a guest pays by credit card, the hotel does not run the risk of making mistakes in giving change, does not need to keep cash at the front desk, does not run the risk of being robbed by staff, and does not have to deal with depositing large amounts of cash at the bank. Moreover, accepting a credit card in advance gives the hotel a payment guarantee, while guests with cash might not pay at all.

This is a hotel scam, and a poorly executed one at that. The TPG, which was the first to report such practices at this hotel, believes that this is not the case.

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